Our church... is a non-denominational multi-site church with four St. Louis-area campuses where we gather each weekend to study this ancient story found in Scripture that is still transforming lives today. We believe church should be a place where believers in Jesus and skeptics can stand side-by-side to study truth and ask tough questions. We blend teaching and worship with art and technology to create a service where you can experience the message of Jesus in practical and life-changing ways.

Production Operations Lead...is a 28 hour per week position that will help the Creative Director oversee the creative and production processes related to weekend services and events. This role will also oversee the business operations for the Production Department.


  • Administrator for the Creative Director
    • Manage calendar
    • Administrate all team meetings
    • Manage Creative Director tasks
  • Administrator for the Creative Process
    • Ensure that Services Central is up-to-date
    • Administrate Programming Team meetings ensuring that the correct people and information are ready for each meeting
    • Coordinate with each Brainstorming team on schedule and content
    • Document all creative decisions from Flow Team
  • Overseer of Business Operations
    • Assist in the creation and oversite of the production operations budget
    • Print monthly budget reports and communicate to relevant teams
    • Manage all central service accounts
    • Set up new contractors with accounts payable
  • Assistant for the Production Team Staff
    • Communicate Communion Details
    • Prepare weekly lyric sheets for Chesterfield
    • Assign events in the event request process to relevant campus teams
    • Oversee copyright compliance and reporting
    • Oversee Production Team Facebook page
    • Assign weekly music team tasks
    • Coordinate large rehearsals (Christmas and Easter vocal, Baptism, week-of rehearsals)
    • Room Management Scheduling
    • Attend classes and event (weddings/funerals/special events) meetings scheduled for the Chesterfield campus to gather info/material needed for Tech Director and communicate accordingly
    • Schedule traveling details for events, conferences, team retreats, etc...
    • Oversee return shipments to vendors


  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Experience with worship at The Crossing
  • Experience with Classes and Events at The Crossing
  • Musical experience/background is a plus, but not required
  • Proficient in Web based software - Planning Center, Google docs, etc.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel or equivalent
  • Excellent administrative skills
  • Excellent people and communication skills
  • Able to understand the 'big picture' ideas and determine steps to complete it
  • Can build teams and develop volunteers
  • Think creatively AND analytically
  • Computer and Web savvy
  • Passion for Christ and for the work of the ministry at The Crossing
  • Flexible and teachable


  • Attend a service at one of The Crossing campuses on a weekly basis
  • Passionate about their relationship with God
  • Baptized after making the thoughtful decision to follow Christ
  • Regard the Bible as God’s final authority in all areas of Christian life and desire to be wholly obedient to it
  • Wholeheartedly affirm The Crossing’s Statement of Faith, including our view on Baptism
  • Live a lifestyle consistent with scriptural principles

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